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School Children

GUIDING kids to understand their strengths and trust their way of learning and knowing.



Having KNOWLEDGE about yourself and learning how YOU learn, is the most powerful insight you can have for success.



Guiding Knowledge provides highly individualized learning support for your child. In partnership with you and your child, Guiding Knowledge will design an integrated and dynamic personal growth plan that is multisensory and neuroscience-based, all tailored to your shared goals.


Do you find that your child has difficulty in areas such as reading, writing, math, self-regulation, memory, anxiety, attention, over or under sensory stimulation, motor control or executive functioning?


Would you like someone to talk with about your child's learning development?


Guiding Knowledge is ready to listen and work with you and your child; to help guide your child towards finding their way of learning and to help build your child's confidence by guiding your child to see and know their strengths.


As a compassionate and experienced certified teacher, Deanna with Guiding Knowledge can help. 


Guiding Knowledge is able to provide guidance and support in three main areas: 

  1. Support for the student,

  2. Support for the family and

  3. Support for educational professionals 

Support for the student: Individualized

educational therapy sessions 

Private or small group instruction.

Helping students realize their strengths and their  potential for learning 

After the growth plan meeting, Deanna will create a growth plan based on shared learning goals.  Learning strategies will focus on the child's strengths, needs, and goals.  Sessions will focus on empowering the student with knowledge of how they learn best.


Support for the family:

working together

Continuous feedback and support

Would you like to know how you can best support your child's learning at home and at school? Deanna will discuss past, present and future strategies for supporting your child's learning.  It is good to feel you have someone to speak with about your child's learning. 


Support for educational professionals

No educator or learner is an island.  

With your permission, Deanna would like the opportunity to discuss how to best support your child's learning with other educational professionals that are working with your child.  Deanna has experience working with Teachers, Psychologists, Educational Psychologists,  Counsellors, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Therapists and Behavioural Specialists.



Deanna took the time to understand how my daughter learns best and she saw the gifts that my daughter has. Deanna had a special connection with my daughter and understood how to help her in the areas that she struggled while also using her strengths and building her confidence. Deanna took the time to talk to me and my partner to keep us informed about progress and learn our viewpoints and goals for our daughter.

~R. Jones

Deanna has been a wonderful support in my family's transition to homeschooling. Deanna takes the time to listen well and thoughtfully and lovingly shares ideas around learning based on the individual child.

Not only did Deanna offer ways to make learning easier and more fun for my children, but she also offered many kind suggestions for how to best transition myself into my new role as an educator. She really lifted me up and empowered me. I've very much enjoyed Deanna's support!  

~F. Kaiser

Any child or parent would be blessed and privileged to have Deanna Coleman as their guide.

~S. Palmer

Deanna worked with our daughter to help her catch-up her reading in English. We switched our daughter from French emersion into the English program in grade 2. We discovered she was behind in both writing and reading in English. She worked with Deanna three times a week and was caught up in just 3 months. Our daughter enjoyed her private sessions with Deanna because she was always kind and very patient with her. Between the sessions and the follow up on the exercises recommended by Deanna to do at home, our daughter is now at the level she should be for her grade.

~D. Patton


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