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Here to listen, share perspectives and work together

~When students are aware of how their brain learns best and how they best retain information, they develop a strong sense of self; they build their confidence and they discover an empowerment that will help them extend their potential beyond their passions. ~


Dear Caregiver,


Hello and welcome.  I hope you enjoy looking around and learning more about me and what I can do for your child with Guiding Knowledge.  I am a thinker, planner, and creator.  I have a passion for life and learning. I seek joy in all I do and I live my honest authentic truth. This is what I do and what I'm meant to do. Thank you for being here.






Deanna is a B.C. certified teacher that specializes in teaching students with learning challenges. She has decades of experience working with school-aged children with various learning strengths and challenges. She has been called a learning specialist, a special education teacher, a learning support teacher, and an educational therapist. Deanna has worked in public, independent and alternative school systems.  She has experience working in classrooms and as a supporting teacher (Learning Support Teacher, Special Education Coordinator). Deanna has a Professional Specialization in Special Education from the University of Victoria and a Positive Educator Certification (PEC) from The Flourishing Center. Deanna is also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and practices meditation. She uses her knowledge of teaching, yoga, and mindfulness to help kids realize their potential. Over her career, she has developed a unique perspective and approach. She is grateful to be able to use her gifts and passions to help others. If you would like to read more about Deanna's story click here.



  • Deanna's passion lies in helping others move towards their true learning potential. Part of this passion includes understanding how the human brain learns and how the body-mind and heart (moral values, passions, and interests) interconnection enhances the learning experience. Deanna uses her passion to determine how others uniquely learn at their best. 



  • Deanna's strength is her ability to listen and observe in order to understand how to creatively design personalized instruction and help each individual realize how they learn best. Some questions she may be asking herself during this process: What is this student's unique way of learning? What does this student need to be able to learn today?  What are the strengths of this student and how can I use them to lift up their more difficult areas of learning? How can I teach this student differently? What are the building blocks that this student needs to work on? The creative process begins...



She learns the strengths and passions of each student and uses her creativity and diverse experience to design learning opportunities. In this way, she moves students towards overcoming their challenges and understanding how to do their best, all while building their confidence and skills.


Deanna is a compassionate and positive educator and believes in working with the family to strengthen the support network of each child; this helps the flow of learning from child to parent and vice-versa, fostering lifelong learning for parent and child. To help facilitate this, she continuously communicates throughout the process to ensure a thoughtful and positive learning experience for parent and child. Also, periodically Deanna offers parent workshops on supporting learning at home.


With her guiding knowledge and open perspective, she looks forward to learning how she can be a partner in your child's education and help make a difference.   


Connect with Deanna and start the conversation.





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